Paleoclimate/Stable Isotope Clean Chemistry Lab

Junium Paleoclimate/Stable Isotope Clean Chemistry Lab floor plan

The image above hi-lites the 103 SF Gown -up room as well as the 360 SF Class 10000 Clean Chemistry lab. This lab features two SU Patented Class 10 Isolation Cabinets designed by Kevin Noble of SU's Office of Planning Design and Construction and custom manufactured by Reynolds Tech Fabricators here in the Syracuse area.

Images from inside the Class 10,000 Clean Chemistry Lab

Image showing Isolation Cabinets
Image showing expanded view of Isolation Cabinets
Image showing Isolation Cabinets as well as MilliQ water purification equipment
Image showing balance tables with microbalance and analytical balance
Image showing Microwave oven for extractions and Turbovap
Image showing MilliQ Pod water dispensers

Video Clip (2 minutes) from inside the Clean Chemistry Lab

Clean Instrument Lab

Schematic floor plan of Junium's Paleoclimate/Stable Isotope Clean Instrument Lab
The image above hi-lites the 390 SF Class 10000 Clean Instrument room. The lab houses an IsoPrime Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (SIRMS) as well as a Thermo LC-MS.

Images from inside the Class 10,000 Clean Instrument Lab

Image of Elemental Analyzer, Isoprime MS, and Tracegas
Image showing Elemental Analyzer and Thermo LC-MS
Image showing TraceGas, Isoprime MS and Elementar Cube
Image showing Thermo LC-MS
Image showing close-up of Thermo LC-MS

Video clip (2 minutes) showing inside of Clean Instrument Lab

Isoprime schematic showing how CHNS analysis is done coupled to the VarioISOTOPE

The image above is from a technical note published by Elementar/Isotoprime showing how CHNS analysis is done with the varioISOTOPE coupled to the Isoprime 100 IRMS.

Image of the Isoprime100 IRMS
Isoprime 100 internal configuration.

The image above shows the collector assembly of the Isoprime100 and on the right the internal single vacuum champer holding the source on the right and the collectors on the left and a schematic depiction of the path of the ion beams from the source through the magnetic field to the collectors.

Sample Preparation Lab floor plan
Floor plan of the Sample Preparation Lab.
Image of Gas tank room floor plan
Floor plan of gas tank room.  All gases are plumbed into the Clean Instrument and Clean Chemistry labs.

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